Pearl Industrial blocks project

صناعية اللؤلؤة

Pearl Industrial blocks project

This project is located in the Al Masana neighborhood, south of Riyadh, and in the southern ring road, within the approved Pearl scheme No. 3085. The project consists of groups that serve all segments of the commercial and industrial centers.

This scheme is characterized by:
– Wide internal streets, making it easy to enter and exit, and there are many entrances for workshops

– Provides basic services such as asphalting, lighting, water, electricity and telephone

– Availability of public facilities such as mosques, parking lots, parks and markets with appropriate dimensions, which limits the crowding of people and facilitates movement

– There will be a private company to manage the workshops, in order to provide the distinguished service and the latest management techniques, in addition to following up on maintenance and cleaning work and providing security and safety.

Project details

  • Location: Riyadh
  • Project Type: industrial – commercial
  • Classification: Current Projects

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